samedi 5 mai 2012

The Babel Orchestra et sa mixtape du soleil


01. Jay Shepheard & Tad Wily: “Hefty Done Me Right” [Tad Wily dub cut]
02. Kraak & Smaak feat. Lex Empress “Hold Back Love” [Lovebirds Instrumental]
03. Neighbour: “Purple Lights”
04. Woohoo: “Caterpillars” [DeMarzo Remix]
05. Rhyze: “Just How Sweet Is Your Love” [Walker & Royce Edit]
06. Mr Jelly: “Feel It”
07. P@D: “Le Lapin Magique” [The Frost Remix]
08. James Curd: “Guide Me” [Al White Remix]
09. Hiem: “2AM” feat. Phil Oakey [Fernando & Toomy Disco Remix]
10. Philosophy Of Sound: “Freedom, What For?” [A.N.D.Y Remix]
11. Lazercat: “Heartbeat” [Phunktastike Remix]
12. Guilty Pleasures: “Girl Trouble” [Very Stylish Mix]
13. Kaine feat Kathy Diamond: “Love Saves The Day” [More Piano Instrumenta]

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